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Blast an entire fleet of aircraft with the power of your breath.

Create 60 amazing planes, and send them all soaring! Just slide a plane onto a straw, blow into the straw, and your plane goes flying!

Five plane bodies keep hands happily occupied in making a fleet! Each design features easy-to-follow directions, educational facts, and vibrant colors.

DragonFly - With wings set high above the fuselage for an exceptionally steady flight, this beast is a natural glider, flying maximum distances.

Straw Hawk - Designed for high speed with trapezoid wing shape and compact design, this fierce flyer is more a dart than a glider.

Viper - Flying-wing fully extended, this glider is equipped with exceptionally low drag and the ability to fly long distances with little power.

X-88 - This futuristic monster proves that a jet doesn't need to be airplane-shaped to fly well. With tandem box wings for twice the lift, this glider flies far and fast with minimal power needed.

Spitfire - An ultimate stunt-craft. Compact delta wings and single vertical tail, equip this glider with extreme maneuverability at high speeds.

In addition to folding instructions, this book features principles of aerodynamics, and tips for best performance. Cool artwork designates five flying teams - Sky Pirates, Racing Spit-Wads, Tough Air Force, Mischievous Stealth, and Fiery Hot Shots!

And the fun doesn’t end when the pre-printed papers are gone. Carry on and make gliders from your own paper!

Turn the skies into your science lab with Klutz Straw Shooter Jets.

Klutz Straw Shooter Jets

  • Build and fly air powered planes
  • Encourages fine motor skills, logic, interest in flight
  • Slide plane onto straw, blow into straw - plane goes flying!
  • Builds 60 planes in 5 designs and 5 team colors
  • Plane bodies include DragonFly, Straw Hawk, Viper, X-88, Spitfire
  • Team paper designs: Sky Pirates, Racing Spit-Wads, Tough Air Force, Mischievous Stealth, Fiery Hot Shots
  • Lessons on aerodynamics with each design
  • Stencil for using your own paper to make planes
  • Carry on and make gliders from your own paper!
  • Thick paper for creating strong planes
  • Includes 60-page book, 10 jumbo straws for jet building, 4 launch straws, 10 nose weights, stencil, 30 fleet sheets
  • Detailed instructions
  • Quality construction


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